The obsession of Glycemic index or Glycemic charge in bodybuilding is an obscure ideas that every thing has an high glycemix index should be avoided in order to gain lean muscle mass. I love bodybuilding and I made it one of my life style, but I am a witness of so many different approaches that taken from one field generate confusion in another. High Glycemic index foods should only be avoided if you are in a leaning phase of your preparation, if you are getting ready for a contest, if you are trying to loose your stubborn body fat. Otherwise it is counterproductive. If you are a natural athlete you should use high glycemic index food in your diet since Insuline is one of the greatest Hormone our body has to increase your muscle mass, to increase leptin and reduce the production of cortisol, and increase the release of IGf1. There is no better way than a great boost of insulin in your body, it is your doping. There is nothing bad on increasing rapidly muscle glycogen. It is just a matter of timing. Post workout meal is the most effective one that should be a combination of simple sugars, medium size glucides, aminoacids, creatine, lipoic acid, sodium. All with the purpose to increase the absorbtion of these nutrients into the muscle cells and improve recovery.