Vitamin C and E:
Fitness and Bodybuilders are often attracted by the last article or news related to their wellbeing and they tend to exaggerate with some supplements thinking that if 1 is good 10 is ten times better. I have to face people and athletes taking up to 3 or even 5 grs of vitaminc C. Vitamin C and E are essentials for health, but they should be taken at the right dose because if you workout you want that the produced free radicals excerpt their effect on muscles. We grow also because free radicals damage our muscles. If we prevent that with a high dose of Vitamin C or E we won’t get the results desired. Some oxidative is good while an excess is harmfull !! ( BMC Sport Science Rehabilitation 6:28 2014 ). And what kind of natural nutrition provides 10 grs of Vitamin C for example. What in the world has this high amount of Vitamin C ? The same could be said for Vitiamin E. To take some supplement to improve the blood quantity is good to exaggerate might also be harmfull with side effects