Approaching Christmas I wanted to give you a personal indication of what I follow to try to preserve my health, slow down aging as much as possible. We have to do simple things, it’s useless to promise impossible things and things you find on the internet and which are often not true and often misleading .Live up to 130 years, I have the secret of longevity subscribe and I’ll tell you the things that no one has ever told you , follow me and I’ll make you lose pounds without dieting and without doing physical activity. Absurd things like the internet often made of gurus built with money

When there are certain promises, when you rise to Guru with secrets never revealed you can be sure that it is just business and a few scientific truths.

Instead, there are things that perhaps can help us better manage our diet if we don’t have a personal one

1 ) First of all, I start from proteins often treated badly by those who believe that we can preserve ourselves by eating only fruit and vegetables. Let’s remember that we are mainly made of proteins. DNA is the code for our proteins. Antibodies are proteins. The structure of the body and cells is made of proteins, your muscles are composed mainly of proteins. So why eat a few when the turnover is at least 50-70 grams a day. But if you train it is even higher and if you are elderly you need it even more. 1 gram of protein per kilo is only the minimum and meat or fish when not necessary should not be eliminated unless a well-constructed vegetarian or vegan diet is in order to guarantee the right percentage of protein in the diet.

2) Fats are not bad. There must be fat. You must pay attention to the type and prefer vegetable or fish fats, but not eliminate them by reducing them to a minimum. If you do this, you lower your metabolism and consume little and do not absorb fat-soluble vitamins. So there must be fat in the diet and you must have avocado olive oil and dried fruit. And sometimes eggs or cheese for at least 20% of the total

3) glucids and sugars are bad, it’s not true. It depends which ones and how many. Eat a diet rich in whole grains and legumes and with at least 2 servings of fruit a day. If you train then remember that muscles like the brain need glucose. Not only is it accumulated in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. If it is missing, the body reacts negatively and reduces hormone production and you do not lose weight. Raw and cooked vegetables must never be missing, better if in the evening

4 ) make sure you have the right amount of vitamin C, I take 1 g of vitamin C a day and vitamin D throughout the winter, in addition to vitamins from food and a vitamin complex. A real shield against winter diseases

5) if you are constipated, make sure you have magnesium in the evening and if you have problems with excessive intestinal activity, remember the right prebiotics and not probiotics, but prebiotics that grow the right flora suitable for your intestine

6) health starts from the intestine. It must be healthy and in all ways the functionality must be smooth. With the right initiatives it is possible to regularize and facilitate well-being

7) to feel good you must take at least 3 grams of omega 3 unsaturated fats per day either with the diet or with supplementation if that is not enough

8) carry out preventive analyzes suitable for you and your age at least once a year. Best way to do prevention by detecting alarm bells before it’s too late. An andrological visit every two years for men and a gynecological visit for women

9 ) drink drink and drink. Don’t forget to drink and cleanse your kidneys with at least 1 ml of water for every kcal you eat. So for a 2000 kcla diet 2 liters a day

10) Consuming a few fried foods, a few grilled foods and a few burnt things stimulate too much the production of free radicals and pro-carcinogenic toxins

11) reduce sausages, preservatives and colourings

12) Make physical movement always and every day for at least 30 minutes or aerobic or with weights to stimulate the growth of muscle mass 13) and for now I’ll end up trying to sleep well, there are supplements that relax in the evening such as magnesium and melatonin and B complex vitamins that reduce the negative effects of work and life stress And then of course you can go overboard and eat what you like too. There is no diet that does not include, as I have always indicated for thirty years, the possibility of eating junk food. It is useless to live as a sick person to try not to die. Diet will have a maximum influence of 10% on the length of life. Once a week you can then treat yourself to it

Happy Holidays