About me

“Short presentation”:

-Delegate and responsible Sector of Fitness For the Italian Biology Order

-Fitness and bodybuilding athlete, sport trainer and expert of body re-composition and training

– Registered Nutritionist 

-Sport Nutritionist

Graduated in Pharmacy and in Nutrition Biology and specialized in Human Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

Master degree on Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

Specialized on Gastroenterology and Pathology Nutrition

Specialized on Nutrition and Cancer

Entered in the Sports arena in the 2018 American Hall Of Fame awarded by the American association of gyms as a promoter of a clean and doping free sport

He wrote numerous articles for specialized magazines and he appeared in National Tv as an expert

If you need special care and attention to your diet, I can help you, whether you need to combine proper nutrition with your sports preparation, or whether you need a matched and personalized training and nutritional program or simply understand which program is more suitable to you, I can help.

“my story”:

Born in Asti, he spent most of his time for professional reasons between Italy, Spain, France and the United States and around the world where he has visited more than forty countries. After having graduated as a Biological Chemical Laboratory Technician and performed the internship service at the Hospital of Asti’s Microbiology laboratory, he worked as a Complement Officer in Bracciano and Vercelli where he learned discipline and order and became a representative at the COIR for officers. At the end of the service he finished his studies and graduated in Pharmacy with a focus on Pharmacology and Health Products. After the first degree he volunteered for two years as a missionary. Following his passions, health and sport, he became the Italian champion of fitness and bodybuilding natural and began the activity of Sport Trainer, after graduating in the United States founded one of the first schools for Personal Trainer in Italy dedicated to the professional training of graduates in Sciences. He continues his training related to his passions graduating at the Faculty of Biological in Nutritional Biology. In the meantime, he increased his activity by providing consultance services for pharmaceutical companies and sports supplements for the development of Nutraceuticals and health products. He carries out in-depth courses on the science of gastronomy at the University of Hong Kong and Nutrition For Human and health promotion UCLA. He continues his activity as a sports trainer and Consultant for Nutrition and Integration in sports and graduates in Human Nutritional Science. Since 2005 is President of FIBBN and lecturer in various professional training courses. Founder of the Italian Society of Bromatology and of the FunctionalDiet method

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