A blood or mucous membrane test has been patented that can reveal where one is in life. Staying healthy and exercising make the difference, but biological age also depends on DNA. The test precisely analyzes the levels of DNA methylation, measuring the accumulation of methyl groups on the sequence of our genome. The study that led to the creation of the test specifies that methylation is variable and affects the functioning of our DNA. For this there are extremely active ninety-year-olds who look younger and forty-year-olds who struggle to carry out normal activities such as climbing stairs. Progress is being made in research, the patented test uses sophisticated algorithms capable of relating chronological age to the factors that influence it for each individual subject, in order to correct the epigenetic trend of each individual to slow down its aging. Being able to read the biological clock even makes it possible to establish, in the absence of competing external factors, the end-of-life period of a subject, with greater precision than the statistical and epidemiological method. What is certain is that the epigenetic clock presents many differences between one subject and another in old age, rather than in young and healthy subjects. Today, much can be done in terms of prevention. No one can say they are unaware of it. Today, thanks to the collaboration with high-level Italian laboratories, I have developed a system called POCS© to understand, in relation to individual characteristics that can be searched through predictive genetic tests and other tests related to individual characteristics and problems, a personalized disease prevention path based on a personalized and tailor-made nutrition, specific supplementation and movement adapted to the physical characteristics.

A unique process of its kind that is different from the classic anthropometry and construction of the food program, but uses the FISIODiet® which, on the basis of a certain physiological report, determines the movement and the most suitable diet to solve physical problems or slow down the development of specific illnesses.

Sounds like science fiction but it’s not. It is science applied to our nature to make us live better.

The route will soon be adopted and used throughout Italy through the opening of specific corners dedicated to prevention.

Let’s take care to be less dependent on others and age healthily and actively

Dr Marco Zanetti