Supplements at impossible prices!!!
The trend on acquisition in a time of crise is always the price and never the quality. During this everlasting economic crise the effect on our mind had been a reluctance on buying non essentials things and a tendency to buy only what we think is essential to save something for the cheapest things less important. This had an influence on the supplement market aswell with the rise of the lowest price possible search and not the quality search. Is the most economical product better ? NEVER. There is always a reason why a price is so incredible low and the company might deceive you if you are not an expert.
ON internet you can buy products from eastern Europe where controls are lower, from the US where the quality compare to Europe is very low with a very low control on labels and an open mind on use of chemical preservatives damaging our health and generally prohibited in Europe. At the end you may find yourself buying a protein on internet only because it costs 5-10 dollars less a pound or even more. But Why? 
An example for all protein powder, the most bought product on internet. Whey protein, Casein, Egg proteins are expensive materials, but there is a way you can be deceived. When a test is done to determine the amount of protein content of a protein the analisis foucus the attention to the nitrogen content of the product, so if I add non essential aminoacids to the product what do I get ? I get a 80% of protein converted to a 90% just for the label and since in country like the US and Canada the aminoacids content is not mandatory like for example in France you get deceived because you thought you had bought a 90% protein, but in reality you simply spent less because you bought a 80% of protein with other ingredient added like glycine, taurine or creatine.
Taurine and glycine already occur naturally in protein, but some companies are simply adding more of it to legally “pad the protein stats,” giving you less of what you want and more of what you don’t need.
Your protein might get certified that contain 90 % but if you read the label and see these names ( glycine, Taurine or creatine ), they had you!! and they got what they want! sell the lowest quality to the searcher of price and not quality, you just got a cheap filler to your product
Since the problem still persists years later, it’s time to bring it back to the forefront. This in hopes that you’ll share it, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation.
This is not the only reason you should be careful when buying on internet or in a shop at low price. Some time the price is associated to a low price font material. In protein bars, meal replacements and cookies is frequently seen. The use of vegetable oils dangerous to your health but at very low price such as palm oil should turn on the alarm. So if you find protein bars with added aminoacids or added simple sugars or vegetable oils with not indication of its origin you can be certain it is easily palm oil and if it costs less you know why and decide weather to avoid it or buying knowing that you get what you payed for. Maybe is time to think of quality aswell