It will soon become the 11th commandment, this protein of high concentration on the mother’s milk and colostrum, is considered to be one of the responsible protein in the creation in children of a well balanced and rich microbioma. Children not fed by mother with a lack of this protein might develop in older age different pathologies and allergies compare to children that had been mother fed. This is nowadays considered by scientist very significant and important and many pro and prebiotic supplement are now added with this protein. Lactoferrin which is of high concentration on the intestinal mucus helps good bacterias to grow by preventing with an antibiotic effect the growth of Colis and bad bacterias in general including fungus like candidas.
It has been proven that lactoferrin helps lactobacilles to better grow in the intestinal linen and by doing so increase the thickness of your intestin layer preventing what it might be the cause of different disconfort such as IBS or Chron disease. Lactoferrin also helps the absorbtion of iron on specific condition and should then be considered of help in cases of anemia or iron deficiencies.
By choosing the right kind of prebiotic in relation to your digestive problem, adding them with probiotic and lactoferrine is then the final touch to make sure that these important germs won’t get lost or distroyed during the process. It is new and update now that a personalized fermented supplementation is the future on the industry. The kind of digestive problem, combined with a general analysis of the health status and nutrition will help a nutritionist pick the right kind of pre-pro biotic to add to your diet.
So remember the 11th commandment: Thou shall not forget the use of Lactoferrin