Calcium is one of the most important minerals on our body. We store our calcium in our bones and teeth and is essential for many biochemical reactions and Hormonal-receptor effects. It modulates at a membrane level many reactions and is often lacking in our diet especially if you are dieting to lose your body fat
Now more than before with all the bad habits of suggesting a lowfat diet or a low milk diet with the assumption that milk or its derivatives were not meant for humans we find deficiency on Vitamin D and Calcium and sometime losing bodyfat becomes difficult. I go into biochemistry a little to explain one of the many reasons. It has to do with your body’s response to calcium deficit. Remember everything we do cause a reaction on our body defense system that is meant to keep the Homeostasis of the elements. This is what we use to boost methabolism or slow it when we are on a bulking phase. But any way, besides that when you are low on calcium your body thinks that you are starving and enter emergency mode. It releases parathyroid hormone from the parathyroid glands that responds to a low level of calcium. This hormone stimulates your bones to release calcium into bloodstream. Kidney also respond to a lower level of calcium by releasing Calcitriol a form of vitamin D to increase the ability to absorb the little amount of calcium we introduce with food. The problem when you are trying to lose weight is that these two hormones stimulates the production and deposit of fats and inhibits its breakdown by increasing FAS and SCD ( stearoyl Coa Desathurase ) in adipocytes and a decrease on UCP2 that in the Mytochondrium stimulates energy production and thermogeneis. So when you get rid of milk products or you don’t introduce enough Calcium your body hold stubbornly to your fat and it becomes difficult to lose weight. The level of definition that I reach with a high content of calcium is incredible compare to the one obtainable with a lower content and few almonds are not enough. Calcitriol also acts as constrictor of smooth muscle tissue of vessels increasing your blood pressure, to take in consideration if you are on steroids. So it is not unwise to add calcium to your diet up to 1 gr. Per day either with nutrients or supplements in order to prevent your body to hold on your body fat. So next time you hear someone saying we don’t need calcium think of the response. Your difficulty on obtaining a lean body might lay on that.