Chlorogenic acid for weight loss:
It is the ester of caffeic and quinic acid, you can find it in artichokes, in the green coffee seeds and in other vegetables and besides possessing an antioxidant property, it reduces the absorption of fats, it has a purifying action on the liver antifree radical and anti-inflammatory and therefore used against cellulite. It is not slimming in the same way as the alkaloid caffeine which has an inhibitory action of the brain and unlike caffeic acid  is absorbed only for the 30% compare to the 95% of the caffeic acid, but it has a strong effect on body and  less on the heart compared to caffeine and once absorbed it is then in the body converted to caffeic acid. So if classic coffee or caffeinated supplements give you problems of tachycardia or  high blood pressure, you could try green coffee in tablets with less effect on the heart, but good antioxidant and weight loss effect when combined with a correct dietary approach