Can the pasteurized egg whites be eaten raw?

This is a question that, if requested by an athlete, concerns the practicality with which drinking them (the ROCKY STYLE) can reduce cooking times and consumption times given the large quantities of food. My answer in this regard is the following, they do not hurt, they are edible and absorbed (even if less than the cooked ones, so a part will not absorbed  even if minimal) and if consumed 1-2 a week is fine, but every day absolutely no. Unfortunately, the pasteurization process takes place at low temperature and does not denaturize proteins such as “avidine” which inhibits the assimilation of Biotin ( a vitamin essential ) . It’s not a problem if consumption is seldom, but if it’s every day it can become a problem. So better the cook one. An alternative could be to put them in a non-stick pan and with the help of a wooden spoon and a kitchen thermometer, reach the temperature of 80 degrees, start the denaturation of protein and although not all coagulated you can consume a partially cooked product and not already too thickand mixed with fresh jam  maybe hypochoric one you can be consume more quickly the product if that is your concern