Slow and Anti Aging:
For the first time I am going to make a definition of the two terms often confused and used simultaneously.
There is a big difference between the two and different is the approach. 
Slowaging action: Is any action taken that tend to slow the process of aging of the biological clock. We have many ways to slow the process and hopefully help our body to live a longer life, and the slow aging approach is the most accurate to obtain this goal. For example Bodybuilding is not a slow aging process. Eating Meat protein is not either. Taking green tea is a slow aging action, eating a vegetable meal is a slow aging action
Antiaging action: anything that prevent the aging process on an appearence point of view. Aging is a natural process. If I take an aesthetical treatment to look younger i am working on an antiaging process. If I do bodybuilding I work as an antiaging effect of life. If I die my hair the same. Most of the Slow aging action are also anti, but is not the same with all the antiaging action I might take including the Hormonal therapies