In the list of ingredients of a preparation we find the ingredient present with a major percentage at the top of the list and those present at a minor percentage at the bottom.

When you read a label you should carefully read and understand the importance of some phrase that might mislead you.

The use of the term vegetable oil it is correct, but it may include vegetable source that have not an healthy effect on your body. 

The Palm oil is vegetable, but for its content on saturated fats and monounsaturated is equivalent to butter or even worse. When we read butter we wide open eyes with an alarm signal related to cholesterol, but I would be careful on considering safe a product just because it sais vegetable oil.

When companies are not specific on declaring the type of vegetable oil used consider that is always Palm Oil because if they’d use sunflower or corn oil they would otherwise specify it.

The content of palm oil is not harmful per se more than butter and is often included in pastry preparation because of its neutral flavor and consistency , but when consumed in excess it is like butter a form of fat solid at air temperature that increase cholesterol and for sure not the top kind of fat you should choose from, even if better than hydrogenated fats that easily converts to trans and have a powerful negative effect on your cardiovascular system.

What I question here is the unclear declaration on the table of content with the purpose to mislead the consumer that by reading vegetable sometime accompanied with declaration like “it doesn’t contain transfat” is prone to buy the food, not completely informed of the precise ingredients list of what he is going to eat.

The use of palm oil could be admitted, but with a percentage of real vegetable oil included like sunflower to make it more balanced on polyunsaturated fats. The companies should consider the source of the oil not to expropriate territories and with a fair declaration on label. If all these are respected than I can partially support the use of palm oil on plants food preparation