Men and Women epigenetic effects of food
You want to appear more masculine or you want to improve your womanly shapes? With an appropriate nutrition plan you can. Foods have effect on your Hormonal response and improve your general appearance. Even hundreds years ago people that ate more meat were among the taller and stronger of the world, but lived less compare to their counterpart who ate healthier, but if you only search a better appearance this is what you need to follow. There always had been androgenic and estrogenic types of food to choose from and if you are a male and you want to have your testosterone to explode with all the consequences ( more sexual drive, more muscles, less fats, more strength and aggression ) you should increase the consumption of these foods: Red Meat, Avocados, grapes, chocolates, eggs, cheese, nuts ( the veggyones), these combined with neddle root extract and trybolus terrestris should do the rest by freeing T from its protein and increasing its production . Children and adult that are eating more of these foods tend to grow up more manly or at least they improve their male appearance. If instead you are willing to increase your feminine look these are the types of foods to increase: Soy products and soy yogurt, Hummus and chickpeas that contain high levels of phitoestrogens, whole grains, dried apricots and prunes, sesame seeds and flaxseeds. These are very good for your health but they are highly estrogenic and increase estrogens or conversion of testosterone and prehormone to estrogens, but are best for women health and activity. The effects of these foods on our epigenetic system effect our phenotype and expression of our genes. The long terms effect of the use of such diets is not just on your external appearance but internal also. And it must be taken in consideration. If you have breast cancer or other types of tumor development I would avoid this type of approach since its strength may worsen your health