Why do we find this element on your supplement stack to burn fat and accelerate your thermogenesis ? AlphaLipoic acid has a primary function as anti reactive free radicals produced by your cells. Especially from the mithocondrias. MIthocondrias are your cell’s powerhouse and continually produce ATP and free radicals from fats. On an active athletic body these free radicals might damage them. That’s why we came up with the introduction of Lipoic Acid as a supplement not only as antiagying element but also as an antifat supplement. It is also useful in Bodybuilding due to his Insulin similar effect on regulating Glucose. This vitamin si naturally produced by our body but in small quantities, it is greatly expressed in spinach, red meat, liver and BROCCOLI ( yes broccoli, no wonder BB love them ! ). #dr.zanetti #nutrizione #nutrition #issn #fitness #healthcoach #diet#fibbn #mofit #lipoicacid