Do you take any nutritional supplements ? Some ingredients may be dangerous
Many believe that if a nutrition supplement is offered on the market then all of the ingredients must be safe, but this is not the case though, and some products may include ingredients that are known to be dangerous. Athletes, bodybuilders, and Weightlifters and those who spend a lot of time in the gym may need supplementation because the only nutritional plan is not enough. If the wrong products are chosen then this could end up harming your fitness and health goals.

Some alert ingredients that you should check are:

Gamma-butyrolactone or GBL
Usnic acids
Designer Steroids of unknown properties

Both ephedrine and epinephrine can have dangerous side effects with some individuals. When either of these substances are used with other dietary aids, stimulants, or diuretics then problems can occur.
Androstenedione may be found as an ingredient in some nutritional supplements. This substance has some very unpleasant side effects and can be dangerous in some cases. The long term effects are not documented, and the short term effects can vary. Hair loss on your scalp, aggressiveness, acne that ranges from light to very severe, and irritability have all been seen with the use of nutritional supplements that include Androstenedione.

Gamma Butyrolactone, also frequently called GBL, is not a safe ingredient in any situation. This ingredient is banned in the USA but some supplements from other countries may include this ingredient. Purchasing nutritional supplements that have been manufactured in the USA can help you avoid this substance. There are some serious side effects that can occur and there have been reports of deaths that were the result of GBL use. Potential side effects include:

Heart problems
Respiratory difficulty and arrest
Being unable to control your bowels
Becoming combative

Usnic acid is legal to purchase and use in the United States, and some nutritional supplements that are designed to boost your fat burning abilities may contain this ingredient. It may cause liver damage and other dangerous medical conditions and it should be avoided.

These are substances that attempt to stimulate the same effects that a steroid has but that can not be detected with the current drug tests used. These ingredients may go by names like Desoxymethyltestosterone, THG, or Norbolethone among others. These compounds usually have the same side effects as illegal steroids, and this can include irritability, extreme aggressions, and thoughts of harming yourself or others