Many plants have active organic compounds that are particular healthful for us, but could become toxic if eaten in excess. These molecules have protective effect for the plants and might represent if eaten in the appropriate amount as well a valid shield for our health, but be alert because:
SAGE contains an oil tujon that at high doses causes convulsions
BITTER ALMONDS AND LIMA BEANS contain cianidric acid that should be cooked to be inactivated, otherwise 60 almonds could cause death
SPINACH, CAULIFLOWER, OAT, TEA: contains oxalic acid that if in excess inhibit the absorption of calcium, to consider especially for those who avoid milky products
BROCCOLIS, RUCOLA, SOJA, ANACARDI: contains tioglucosides that if in excess and sensitive might interfere with the production of thyroid hormones
MANDARINES, ORANGES, GRAPEFRUIT SKIN: here you find very toxic flavones that if used to produce juices may cause painful belly’s ache
POTATOES: if green and budded contains the alkaloid solanin that at higher dose may cause headache and nausea especially if industrially produced
SAFFERIN, PARCELIN, NUTMEG, STAR ANICE: contain an oil the safrol that at high doses is toxic for liver, and miristicin in the nutmeg a neurotoxic molecule that cause depression and headache
LEGUMES CEREALS: these contains lectines which are proteins that if not inactivated with cooking may interect with the glucides of our digestive tissues causing permeabilities, allergies and autoimmune diseases. For these nutrients it is important to cook them and use a turning use of this rich cereals and legumes which are important as a source of calories but extremely dangerous if unproprerly used and that’s a risk for the vegan diet which need to be planned weekly to avoid unpleasant bloating