It is now well established that the interactions between food and longevity are innumerable. Depending on the incorrect diet level, our life can be shortened by a variable period between 5 and 30 years, all depending on our macroscopic eating behaviors. If at a macroscopic level a lot depends on our behavior, on a microscopic level it depends on the honesty of the producers and that of the country where we live.
In Italy there is a good level of protection with consumption code, and application of European regulations in a fairly compliant way if not enough to protect us from the delinquent tendency of some Italian companies not sanctioned in their attempt to deceive us (see organic products not really such ). We have to improve on the sanctions, but on the rules we have more in number than all the other EU countries and certainly more than in countries like China, India, Canada and the United States where the protection of the economy passes to the protection of the health much more pronounced than from us.
Glyphosylate, though not unique, is an example. used as herbicide in 90% of American crops and ‘virtually absent in cultivations made in Italy, it is’ genotoxic, alters our endocrine system, sexual development and intestinal bacterial flora.
We are more careful also because it is forbidden by us. Too bad that it is not in these other countries where unfortunately more and more we will import their grains. Italian multinationals already do it, it’s cheaper. We forbid its use in our agriculture for just cause, but we do it through the window using the products of these countries that contain it. It seems absurd, but it is so. NOn is still obligatory for Italian companies to indicate the origin of the starting grain and the only thing we can do at the moment to protect ourselves is to look for small companies that do not import grains from abroad can guarantee us not to consume toxic substances for our body. Perhaps in the future there will be an obligation to indicate on the label the origin of 50% of the grain (I do not see why not everything). for now, unfortunately, our Europe has knelt to the multinational MOnsanto (powerful chemical company), allowing a further extension, we hope that Italy does its part and impose a declaration on the label. We must maintain our food superiority. In America it is practically impossible unless sophisticated and demanding research is not available for the lower middle class.