I checked the results achieved in these 20 years of preparations on athletes followed by sharing my experience and scientific training with them and I can be quite happy with the balance achieved:
– 25 world titles in different organizations
– 18 European titles
– 27 national
The Gauss curve of my muscle results are an average of 4-5 kg. of muscle mass per year at the apex of the curve, with extremes of 1 and 9 kg, in a natural way,
for muscle definition, the curve has a peak within 3-4% male and 12% female always in a natural way
I can not ask for more, who would not do the signing to take 4-5 kg. muscle mass and achieve a good shape in the race in a healthy way? and the everything which system with?
none of the most recent systems:
– No to the paleo diet, intermittent fasting, various metabolic
Why using these systems when I saw too many deluded people and literally aged from these protocols when better results can be achieved with other, less stressful to the body with the right loading and unloading of macros?
Simple as always, we remain on the simplicity and to what nature has given us without looking for too many explanations or justifications of absurd kinds like (we are the only species that is fed with the milk of another species, or the egg are meant for the embryos of a bird and not for humans or fruits and vegetables have too many lectins to be eaten). Nature has given us many things, we are the only species capable of converting food and make them more digestible. We are not beasts, we are animals, but not beasts, we are omnivores and not carnivores, we can feed our body with anything as far as tolerated in relation to our nature and genetics and beyond, but much remains to be discovered, 
What could I ask for more? Healthy eating , age well, increase muscle mass without problems, feeding me with food that my family uses aswell and not feel like i am from another world and defining the athletes to high levels naturally.