The free form amino acids are quite expensive, but a little less are peptides which are also more effective, perhaps it would be time to choose if you want to save money, peptides. The peptides are obtained by chemically reducing them by acidic system or by enzymes reduction. The enzymatic form is the most used and effective as it keeps intact the amino acids sprectrum, which does not happen with the acid method which sometimes alters the nature of some aminaocids. In both cases though amino acids in free form are created. The Protein source for their production are typically spoiled proteins, marginal proteins that have been too heat damaged, or spoiled or old are used for the production of free aminoacids so that they can still be sold. From waste to sell product and doesn’t hurt. An isolated whey protein or preidrolyzed may however ‘be the best solution if you do not want to think of using this bend aid processing