Although not like in Japan for quality ‘, the sushi in Italian restaurants (better if not  all-you-can-eat), is controlled and protected and although many like to replace it with the classic free meal  because similar to something healthy (fish and rice for the most part), it does not mean the level  of the calories introduced are few, then combined with the fact that it is often an all-you-can-eat,  the intake of calories if calculated by curiosity becomes equal or even higher than one  classic Italian meal or a pizza. The often white rice is cooked and made very similar thanks to the presence of a lot of salt and with the addition of sugar, the individual morsels are small and small deadly sweets, one pulls the other, for the happiness of our fat cells that you see quickly  stuffed with a nice calorie surplus. Only have the foresight, if you want, not to finish it all with  a “light sorbet to degrease” (something I do not know) or to change the taste. The sorbet in a glass generally corresponds to 2-3 tablespoons of sugar that are added at the end of the full-bodied meal icing on the cake but this time candied. Then if you like it and you are lulled by the serotine enjoy it.