A year ago I wrote an article about the positive effect of Sodium in the diet.
Now that the hot season is approaching and the diet tend to be slimmer the significance of not banning it completely is important.

This suggestion is only for the Fitness Fun and Bodybuilding and Fitness guru who tend to ban Salt completely even 2-3 months before a contest like they often do with carbohydrates so important to stimulate Insuline and T4.

Salt who should be kept under the 3 gr. per day must be present in your diet if you are willing to loose weight and water, yes water. 

If you restrict too much sodium especially in a low caloric diet which is poor of sodium, your body to equilibrate the imbalance increase Aldosterone with the only effect of more water retention than before. 

The effect of sodium starts in your digestive tract helping in the assimilation of peptides and aminoacids, it is then absorbed and goes to your muscle cells to help contraction by balancing communication.

It stimulates Hormones production which increase the fatburning capacity of adipocites, and finally but not last helps prevent loss of blood pression on athlete so frequent in the hot season.
It seams that Sodium like anything else is victimized regularly confusing the overuse of it in junks food with the healthy side of the element.
I personally suggest a little of iodized salt at every meal during cutting period and summer season, followed by a more caloric diet and a restriction of its use at winter bulking time ( diet would be already reach of sodium ).
Don’t forget to drink during the summer, combining higher sodium and higher water introduction the retention is prevented