In this Blog i will talk about nutritional topics, I will explain how to better understand among the plethora of diets what principle better fit your needs, follow me and you will be finally free

If you need special care and attention to your diet, I can help you, whether you need to combine proper nutrition with your sports preparation, or whether you need a matched and personalized training and nutritional program or simply understand which program is more suitable to you, I can help.

-Fitness and bodybuilding athlete, sport trainer and expert of body re-composition and training

-Registered Nutritionist 

-Sport Nutritionist

-Graduated in Pharmacy and in Nutrition Biology and specialized in Human Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

-Entered in the Sports arena in the 2018 American Hall Of Fame awarded by the American association of gyms as a promoter of a clean and doping free sport

-Certified Personal Trainer  ISSA, PFtrainer, NGAmerica

-Certified Pilates Polestar