My mission

Correct and sustainable food for all.

Proper nutrition as required by the constitution is a right for humans to maintain healthiness . Everyone has the right to know what the main methods of proper nutrition are and must have the available tools for discernment, my mission is to educate and spread the healthy principles of Mediterranean food and build a proper personalized diet through the FD. Healthy nutrition and the spread of Mediterranean nutrition in sport. I am an activist against the free market protocols between states without a proper control of  the negative effects of the chemical substances used in agriculture and I am an active supporter of theories such as circular economy, km0, BioProduct and Recycling that should represent the normality of consumption. The return to classical and traditional cultivation methods should be the basis of the pyramid of production and the Mediterranean food at the center of the promotion of Italian nutritionists in the development of the Made in Italy, indisputably among the best worldwide productions 

Anti-doping in sport.

There are about 1 billion people practicing sports in gyms, the most widespread sport. Unfortunately among these users there are many young and old who are unaware of the possibility of being able to perform healthy activities and attracted by the achievement of a statuary physic in a short time remain victims of doping and enter its plots. The gyms are often a place where the practice of irresponsible Trainers are found, this is one of the key objective of my sport activity combined with a fervent promotion of the Mediterranean nutrition applied to sport as an uncontested method to favor the anti-aging and health process and as an indissoluble right for all, for this I have recently founded the Italian Society of Bromatology. For this twenty year commitment for a drug free sport I was awarded in 2018 of the American Hall Of Fame by the national association of natural gyms of America

I promote with my articles and partnerships my commitment against Doping in Sport and above all in what I believe to be the main way to fight Doping in Sport, the honest Culture taught to young trainers and instructors who perform their service inside fitness centers. This is why at the end of the 80s I helped  found  the first association of athletic and natural fitness bodybuilding and in 2005 the Fitness Federation of Natural Bodybuilding to disseminate, through training courses and controls during the Fitness events, the Fitness culture carried out naturally in gym to fight the rampant spread of Doping in sport.

I continue to provide advice for companies involved in natural sports supplement and for athletes, who want to start fitness training in a natural way taking full advantage of the their body potential by combining nutrition, supplement and training and accompanying them in the path of sports rehabilitation supported by updates in food and sports field, thanks to membership to the ISSN (International Society of Sport Nutrition) and the NGA (the association of natural American gyms the most renowned in the United States)

I actively promote Training for Personal Trainers for the Natural Sport of  Bodybuilding and the spread of healthy sports activity for everyone 

Battle against smoking and physical inactivity:

Smoking and physical inactivity are the main causes of Death in the world. You can be slightly overweight, but healthy, 150 minutes of sport activity per week could be enough to keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

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