The FUNCTIONAL system that I developed help and encourage people to understand that diet is not what the others tell me to eat, or follow a specific diet program that was meant for somebody else, but to understand what is best for my genetic type, body composition, hormonal production, exercise and goals that I want to reach. Everything need to be taken in consideration by the reason of fact that a program that is created for an athlete is not fit for an everyday person who wants to stay healthy and maybe loose a little of his bodyweight.
The plan consider the kind of population and the family history and background. It considers body composition and fat deposit as an essential part of the personalization. If for example you have a higher percentage of body fat on your belly I generally create a program that doesn’t contemplate carbohydrates or at least to a minimum till 4 PM in the afternoon. Considering the Corticosteroids production of Hormones and the effect on Glycemia and Insulin that action prevents your body to accumulate body fat on your belly.
Many others are the combination of bodytype and hormonal production. Some one who is ectomorphe want to apply these rules, but he would be better off by eating a robust breakfast in the morning with cereals to increase insulin. Androgenic and estrogenic type of individuals require a fat and protein rich morning meal in order to kick off with the day and have an energy boost and testosterone increase that fight depression and morning walking dead like experience. Tyrosine is the amino acid that increase energy and adrenaline and should be taken in the morning.
Never let yourself getting influenced by some other guy’s diet. Your diet is what you should search for. And ask with the help of a professional expert these questions:
– What kind of genetic do I have
– What kind of responses I am getting through my blood analyses
– What kind of Physical body I want to get and what percentage of fat ?
– What is my body composition and what it tells me ?
– What kind of hormonal responses I am getting ? and why I am slim or fat ?
– Am I more estrogenic type or androgenic ? or none of the two
– Am I an ectomorph type pr endomorph type ?
– Is the diet appropriate for the sport I am involved does it give me enough energy ?
– If all the answers are answered correctly than you are on a right path